Monday, March 19, 2007

Tennessee River - plein air study

12" x 9" x 1/2" oil on gallery wrap canvas
$90 + $8 shipping when completed

I've discovered that anyone who paints en plein air is A TOUGH BIRD !!

Plein air painting is NOT FOR SISSIES. Maybe I'm just a little bit wimpey.

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bonnie-ann black said...

what is difficult about it? the dust? the heat? bugs falling into your paints? annoying people? not being able to use the rest room whenever you want?

bj said...

...and the painting falling face down in the grass/sand, wind blowing your paper towels toward the river, hoping you remembered to bring the wet painting carrier (did I??)

We grow as we learn :o)

ron said...

But other than these minor details, did you have fun? I'm having fun with my Georgia car pics and I don't have to go outside where apparently its quite dangerous.

bj said...

I usually paint in my studio, but whenever I'm feeling adventurous, I pack up and venture outside. In fact, tomorrow I'm doing plein air with a friend. Her website is if you'd like to see her work. Hope we don't find a sleeping bear. Or a porcupine. :o)