Thursday, March 29, 2007

Early Spring Road

10' x 20" acrylic on stretched canvas
$165 including shipping

This was inspired by a photo. Early one morning we were driving ( totally lost ) and came upon this windswept tree hovering the road in the Irish mist.

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A.K.Ard said...

I love the soft colors in this one - it looks so peaceful!

bj said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment !

The painting was inspired by a photo taken during our Ireland trip. Leaving the B&B before sunup, we were hurrying along and somehow (lost) ended up on a one-lane road shrouded in the famous Irish mist (heavier than fog, lighter than rain). It was an absolute dream world I'll always remember.

ron said...

Saw your new site very nice. The west coasters will be wanting to move back east. Nice painting-very "mist"ical!

bj said...

Thank you for checking out my blog - and the new Southern Plein Air Painters one as well. Several of us "Southern Ladies" are banding together to show our plein air work. It's new to me, but I'm lovin' it. Learning something new every single day.

Thanks again for your support! It really does mean a lot. :o)

Cara Dawn Romero said...

BJ - Just visited your site for the first time and I love what I see. I went through everything and started making notes on the pieces that stole my heart...well the list ended up too long to post but your trees seem to really be my favorites.

For any readers who's attention span is too short to check the archives, do yourselves a favor and take the time here.

January's postings are especially gorgeous - lots of trees.

I'll definatly be back.

bj said...

Thank you for your kind comments! Yes, trees are a favorite subject. Each has such character and is marked by so many things. They stand in quiet solitude, each one has a lifetime of stories to tell - if we just stop to listen.

Bernie Rosage Jr. said...

BJ... Lovely... great artistic minds think alike! Off to visit your site. Hope to see many more Ireland pieces from you!

bj said...

Thanks, Bernie! And I do appreciate the compliment. Keep painting your Ireland inspired artworks so the world can see just how lovely is the Irish countryside.