Friday, March 16, 2007

Happy Mountains Valley

16" x 20" oil on stretched canvas

Experimentation resulted in this mountain/valley scene right out of my head.

I started by using a light neutral color and one in a bright mid-dark range. Using a large brush and just letting the paint go where it wanted resulted in the basic values. Then I laid crumpled plastic wrap on the wet oil paint, pressed it down lightly and quickly lifted it.

By turning the canvas around and over, I began to see a scene form. Using the brush, I started pushing the paint around until the mountains formed. Then came the midground.

After the basic shapes dried, I added small details. I'm still not sure whether it's finished yet. It might not be. But maybe it is.

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ron said...

Nice blue greens and "sand tones". Always fun to make something up or let the paint and canvas lead you to a place (the finished painting) that you might not have otherwise found.

bj said...

Thanks for the nice comment! Being at a loss concerning what to paint next is disturbing to an artist. Often piles of photos, wandering into the woods, etc doesn't spark that "something". When I'm stuck for an idea, letting the paints speak and the 'what if' factor kick in helps get the show on the road. :o)