Thursday, April 12, 2007

photo of Crawfish Springs - Chickamauga, GA

This is a digital photo taken at Crawfish Springs in Chickamauga, GA.

It's a lovely, quaint little town in NW Georgia, filled with restaurants, little shops and friendly people - and Fred.

This scene is absolutely an artist's gold mine for capturing images for paintings. The movement of the water folds the shadows. Sunlight illuminates the entire area, enriching colors and deepening shadows. Perspective lengthens the view. There is so much to see here !

The photo is high resolution. I invite you to click on the image, enlarging your view, and enjoy all the beauty.
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debra anwar said...

This picture is so crystal clear that it seems I am really there!
What an awesome artist you are, dear BJ!!!!!

bj said...

Thank you, Debra. With dear friends like you, how could I fail? You've helped keep me able to do my paintings - so I say "Thank you".