Wednesday, April 25, 2007

As It Flows

10" x 8" original oil painted en plein air on canvas covered hardboard -
$85 including shipping -
As this little creek daily flows through the park and meadows in Tunnel Hill, it reminds me of the varying bright spots and shadows in our lives.
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Ron Morrison said...

Hi B.J., I checked out the race blog- good stuff. Where is the park in relation to your place, do you go there often? Have you put P.A.P on you b'nis card? Are you going to use your PAs as plans (studies) for future paintings?

bj said...

Just getting my husband still long enough to detail the photos is the biggest problem on his blog ( The TH park is about 3 miles from home. There is a stream, a covered bridge, meadows, old oak trees, pre-Civil War structures - it's just a gold mine for us 'artsy types'. I don't have SPAP on my business cards - yet. When I do a plein air painting, I also shoot a few photos as reference in case I need to do a touchup here or there. I like to do them alla prima if I can. I have done larger works using the PA paintings as color studies. Lots of questions - but I like that. Shows you're paying attention. :o)