Thursday, May 03, 2007

Quietude of the Sky

8" x 10" original impressionist oil painting on canvas covered hardboard - $80 including shipping -

Day in and day out our gaze is fixed horizontally, always seeing the landscape around us. We don't take time to just look up into the sky. If someone were to ask us, "What color is the sky?" our immediate answer would be "Blue". Take some time to experience all the colors that appear in the sky. You'll be amazed at this constantly changing wonder.
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Lori said...

I like these last two BJ, very nice.

bj said...

Thanks! I'm really trying to focus on what has meaning to me and (hopefully) the viewers. Sometimes paintings seem to just paint themselves - like this one and the "Greener is Better" one. It's uplifting when that happens.

Ron Morrison said...

On your advice I looked at the sky, its gray, will report on any developments. Nice painting.