Thursday, May 31, 2007

Flower Moon is the second full moon in May

4" x 4" x 1/2" acrylic on gallery wrap canvas
This little 'sketch' is an idea for a larger painting - sometime.

There are two full moons (sometimes known as a blue moon) in May this year. Flower Moon is another name for a May full moon.

These acrylics are more watercolor transparent than my regular acrylics. At first I wasn't happy with the coverage, but the more I looked, the more dreamlike the scene appears. And it's a warmup for a larger work, so I think it'll be ok.
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Ron Morrison said...

Nice sketch, are you coming over to the waterworld?

bj said...

Thanks, Ron! Makes me smile to hear a waterworlder comment nicely about my work! :o)

Waterworld is a nice place. I visit from time to time. :o)

I have H2O colours and acrylics, but I don't use them very often - although I do like them. They are certainly a nice change from oil, but they really require my complete attention. There's the whole 'resin vs pigment' thing - which takes a different mind set. And there's the color mixing maze - what works in acrylics might not get the same result in oils.

I painted with just acrylics for maybe 2 years straight, but when I started doing some plein air work I brought out the oils again.

I'm fickle when it comes to art materials. And let's not start talking about canvas vs. panel vs. paper. Maybe another time.

bonnie-ann black said...

i like the dreamy sort of quality here. i started using transparent acrylics (Dr. P.h. Martin's) about a year ago and i love them! they really allow building up layers to an incredible degree, but are great for washes and retain their brilliance. i even painted over them with pastels and gouache.

bj said...

Thanks, Bonnie. The transparent acrylics make me think as I'm painting. Sometimes we as artists just grab a brush and start swingin', but other times it takes concentration to get the right results.

And then there're the "happy little accidents" that happen along the way. That's what this little 'dreamscape' became.

I'll be using the 'trans acryl' medium again soon. I'm thinking it would work great in painting a river or stream with its rocks and reflections. Thanks again for stopping at my blog - and for taking the time to comment. :o)

bonnie-ann black said...

i check your blog at least three times a week. i'm attaching the links to some of my artwork done with transparent acrylics on different media -- the first two are on cold press paper -- one that i roughed up and one that i left the surface as it came; and the third is done on watercolor canvas. i must have put 17 or 18 layers of transparent wash on that canvas. i find that the trans. acryls both make me think *and* free me up.

bj said...

Thanks, Bonnie, for reminding me about your wonderful website! A person can get lost there with all the 'eye candy'. I'll be adding your website to my 'links'.

I'll be using the transparent acrylics again - as soon as I recover from the recent local art show.

And thank you for visiting my site on such a regular basis! I hope to be posting more frequently very soon.

bonnie-ann black said...

nice of you to link to me. now...if i can just get a scanner or more pictures uploaded!