Wednesday, May 30, 2007

been really busy

Just letting everyone know I haven't forsaken painting.

It seems there's a price to be paid when you are an artist. I'm not talking about the cost of paints, canvas, brushes, etc. That's understandable. You gotta have materials to work with.

I'm talking about after the canvas is painted and drying. There's the varnishing, protective coatings, framing, attaching hardware and wire. Image photography must be done to capture the work for websites, blogs, and sending to the printer. Then there is the cataloging, contacting galleries, researching galleries, phone calls, etc.

Planning art shows ( two this week ) eats up painting time. Keeping displays in good condition is always needful. Then there's the bubble-wrap nightmare of protecting the paintings you've created during transport.

I could go on but I know you'd rather not hear me whine. :o)

Wrapping up, I must say that I do love painting. Sometimes I just need a keeper.


Lori said...

Oh gee, I feel the same way. Just read all that you wrote and say I said it too! hehehe!

I have to pick up paintings tomorrow from a co-op gallery that didn't work out, I have been obsessing about that way too much. I entered another gallery, or rather I entered slides to be juried in. I am so sick of marketing!

bj said...

Yes, marketing is a necessary evil.

One art book (not sure which) suggests that 50% of an artist's time is spent marketing himself and his work (2 different things).

I guess that leaves the other 50% for buying supplies, selecting a subject, actually painting (just a sliver of your 24 hours is spent actually producing the core artwork), framing, cleaning, etc.
Kind of depressing if you allow yourself to dwell on it.

Anyway, hopefully by tomorrow I'll be back painting and posting soon after that.

Lori said...

Oh gee, I wonder how much time I spend marketing, sometimes it is a whole lot. Then if I do a lot of marketing stuff, I am stressed and the paintings don't go well. I like your painting from yesterday, the transparent, dreamy one.

bj said...

Thanks! Sometimes there are 'happy little accidents' like with the acrylic paint I used on the "Flower Moon" painting on May 31.

The acrylic paint had been on the wet palette paper (covered) for maybe 6 weeks. Being still wet, I started painting. But the paint had lost its opacity and was almost transparent. I painted anyway and was surprised at the dreamy quality of the result. Happy little accident.