Sunday, September 09, 2007

Battlefield at Tunnel Hill

This is the site of the previously posted painting "Dew on the Meadow, Sun on the Rise". The usually peaceful meadow is transformed into a Civil War battlefield at the Battle of Tunnel Hill held annually on the weekend after Labor Day.

As I write this, I can hear the booming cannons - really! - because I live less than 2 miles away. After cleanup tomorrow, Meadowlawn will once again become the peaceful meadow I love to visit.

I have 4 recent paintings done at the site which will be posted very soon. The titles are "The Road In", "From Fort Keys to Taylors Ridge", "Fort Keys Camp" and "Yankee (or Union) Cannons Away".

I met a family of reenactors who set up camp at Fort Keys on Thursday the 6th. They had traveled from Mississippi to take part in this part of living history. "Hey" to Mike, Becky, Savannah and Shiloh. I hope to see you again sometime. :o)

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