Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Which Way to Lookout Mountain?

8" x 10" oil on canvas covered hardboard - painted en plein air -
Sandra and I set up our easels in a cow pasture - complete with cows - in the August morning heat. Trying to catch the shadows before they disappeared was quite a challenge. This will be a study used for a larger painting. I'm not really happy with the tree on the right. He'll probably be cut out - not cut down - for the final painting. Too many trees are being cut down in the name of progress. Nuff said.
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Ron Morrison said...

I like that tree!

bj said...

Rather than cut him out, I might just add a limb or two and let him stay. The more I look at him, he seems to be a traffic cop pointing the way. I had exaggerated the length of the pointing limb, but that's the way the tree actually looks. Thanks for the encouragement!