Wednesday, August 01, 2007

my plein air setup

At the plein air blog Southern Plein Air Painters, we're sharing our ideas concerning our painting set-up. The little folding stool was $5 at the Dollar Store. I am using a Winsor-Newton watercolor easel because that's the one I mistakenly picked up - but I like it because of the tilt factor. My husband, who can make anything out of metal, made the tray which holds my palette, used brushes and the clip on tuna can for turp. Office Depot was the source of the roll around studio which holds everything - cost was around $20. Various kids' pencil boxes hold brushes, paint, mediums, etc. I ordered some cardboard wet panel carriers from Dick Blick - couldn't afford the $80 for the nicer wooden one. They hold several wet panels or stretched canvas. I've also used pizza boxes; they protect the wet painting and can be stacked. A bungee cord strapped across the top holds everything securely and I'm off to paint again.

Click on the image for a close-up view.
Contact me at I'd love to hear from other plein air painters. :o)
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