Monday, June 25, 2007

Creekside Red - SOLD

10" x 8" oil on stretched canvas - painted en plein air, alla prima - $90 including shipping - this painting has SOLD - thank you Leisa!

This little creek is in Harry Griffin Park in Tunnel Hill, GA. Painting that day was a chore because of the heat and fatigue - we had been painting for several hours. I've been trying to practice "paint what you see, not what you think you see". The water flow in the little creek is low due to the drought, so the dark vegetation shows through the crystal clear water, almost making the water disappear. As I was finishing the last strokes, I noticed a red object in the lower right. I painted it, too, not thinking what it might be. Then I began noticing red in the shadows to the left. I painted it also. Walking into the water, I found the red object on the right (a Coke can) and realized that the can's color had drawn my eye to the otherwise unrelated reds in the shadows. Painting shapes and colors helps me realize the characteristics of the objects they become.
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Ron Morrison said...

Tasty greens. You plein airers will be leaving us thin air guys behind. You'll be "real" artists and famous, the GPA's. But I cyber knew you when...

bj said...

When it gets too hot or too cold, I can be a thin air guy, too. And I'm pleased to say I cyber knew you, too.