Saturday, June 23, 2007

Casey asleep on the rug

I know this isn't a painting, but I just couldn't let this photo of Casey napping on the rug get away. I found Casey in a parking lot several years ago. He had been tortured and blinded and left to survive on his own. The vet had to remove one eye and he is blind in the other. He has more than repaid me by giving lots of love. He finds his way around the house very well and can even jump up onto the bed and couch. Rather than turn and look the other way, my small act of rescuing a helpless animal in need has been a large blessing for me and all those who have met Casey. Posted by Picasa


Ron Morrison said...

I once read that we will be judged by how we treat lesser creatures.

bj said...

Casey has taught me patience, acceptance, determination, perseverance, humor, consideration, overcoming obstacles, confidence - and so many other traits that we as a "higher species" sometimes take for granted. Everyone who has come into contact with him has left with a better attitude concerning what is possible. He has repaid me many times over.