Friday, September 24, 2010

art show transportation

Since my van is temporarily 'kapoot', my little Oldsmobile Achieva has become my art show mode of transportation. This morning I packed it with my 10'x10' pop-up tent, 4 tent walls, 4-25 lb sand bags, 4 motorcycle tie-downs, 8 folding wooden display racks/rails, 1 folding table, two paint roller handle extenders and a 10' piece of conduit (cut in half), 4 metal magazine racks (used as print racks), 2 canvas bags containing necessary tools for set up...I think that's about it.
In case anyone is wondering about the paint handle extenders and conduit --- I slip the conduit through a hem in a tent wall, attach each end to a handle extender with a 90 degree joint, and attach the other end (using a bungee cord) to a tent leg or sand bag. This contraption, when extended, makes a great shade or rain fly.

I'm so lucky that the back seat folds down to make my little car into a van (of sorts). I'll be setting up at an annual art/craft fair in Rock Spring GA this afternoon. I only hope I have room for my artwork, my easel (I'll be painting all day tomorrow) and my cooler stocked with ice and Diet Dr. Pepper.
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