Sunday, April 12, 2009

painting alone or with someone??

While I love painting en plein air alone, with just the wind, birds and crickets - sometimes I meet a friend and we "parallel paint". We chose a location, chat briefly, then set up our easels. Sometimes we paint the same subject, but from different angles. Sometimes we face in opposite directions, but stay close enough to talk. Other times we aren't within eyesight of each other.

After painting for awhile, we take a short break and discuss any problems or "ah-ha!" moments. In packing up our equipment afterward, we view each others work. And we are always smiling - seeing the scene through someone elses eyes and through their brushwork and palette.

But again there are the times I paint alone, conversing with myself (aloud) asking "What color is that...and how do I mix it?" and "I wonder if there's a snake in those weeds?"

I love painting with friends - and I love painting alone.

This painting is still in the "laying in" stage - putting in the major, then secondary shapes and deciding on colors.
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