Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Red Clay Council House

11" x 14" oil on stretched canvas - painted en plein air -
This is a study of the Cherokee council house located at Red Clay Park in Cleveland, TN. The day was overcast with very brief moments of sun. The colors appeared to be muted and all the greens seemed to run together. I painted what I saw, but from the start I could see that the lighting left a lot to be desired. I do intent to return later, possibly taking this study. I was intrigued by the large tree on the left which appears to be pointing towards the council house. There is an annual powwow held at the park on the first weekend in August - this year being on the 4th and 5th. Everyone is welcome.
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Ron Morrison said...

I think that the historical underpinnings of your paintings in the "Park" give them substance.

bj said...

There are indeed many historical sites within 50 miles of Tunnel Hill. But too many people are too hurried to stop and notice them. I hope that by incorporating them into my paintings, someone will say, "Hey, that's not far from where I live" and maybe visit the site.

When I post the description of a painting, I'm trying to convey what I was feeling and what the site means to me - in a few words.

And thanks again. :o)

Emma Alvarez said...

Really lovely. Seing this painting you could smell the grass.

bj said...

The air at Red Clay Park is fresh and clean. You don't hear freeway noise - just the sound of nature. It's refreshing to the soul. Thanks for visiting my art blog!